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Dear   Patients, I would like to give you a small outline of the medical offer. After they have come to me directly or through the family doctor, we will discuss their problem and make a thorough investigation. For this purpose, modern examination methods with digital X-ray, ultrasound and laboratory are also available. In the event of a necessary surgical procedure, all possibilities are discussed in peace and you can decide how the next step will look.

I will carry out minor interventions and ambulatory hand surgery with me in practice in the operating room in regional anesthesia. This is also partly microscopic. The major surgical procedures and, above all, those which require a general anesthesia are planned jointly in one of the partner hospitals in which I will personally supervise and operate them. They are always the focus here and can rely on my direct specialist care. There is a very good cooperation with different hospitals to supply patients of all insurance. For example, I would like to call the See-Spital with the locations in Horgen and Kilchberg, the Pyramid Clinic at the Lake in Zurich or the Bethanien Private Clinic in Zurich.

The appropriate preparation of the operations is done in direct consultation with the physicians, as well as the follow-up care, which I myself is cumbersome also directly available. A wide network of partner hospitals and national and international specialists from various disciplines is available for supplementary treatments, which I was able to build up as part of my work, also at the University Hospital.

Surgery in medical surgery is carried out by myself with my practice team.

Operations in the hospital are also carried out by me personally, usually together with medical specialists in the respective area so that they can expect an excellent medical care. For the different anesthesia procedures experienced specialists in the various partner hospitals are available for anesthesia with their team and they are in good hands here as well as in the subsequent nursing care. The frequently performed operations are subject to an internal and external quality management system and can be found in the relevant specialist areas.

In particular, I would like to refer to the center position in minimally invasive surgery (keyhole surgery) in which a large number of specialized interventions related to the abdomen and joint reflexion are performed. This applies in the area of ​​the abdomen gallbladder operations, thin and large intestine operations, appendicitis, operations in inguinal, navel, scarring. Relative to joint artifacts, the operations on the knee joint with crossbelt plastic and meniscus operations as well as mirroring operations on the ankle and wrist are leading.

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