What to do in an emergency?

In an emergency (sudden pain, a wound with a bleeding wound, a twisted joint or a bone fracture), you can call at any time in practice and they will be treated immediately as an emergency and as soon as possible clarified and provided. All facilities for appropriate examination and treatment are available (digital X-ray, ultrasound, operating room, plaster room, laboratory).

If there is no accessibility on the phone number, you can always contact Dr. Pöschmann directly (Natel / WhatsApp: 079 534 1343).

Even if they should be delivered in case of an emergency at the See-Hospital, you can always insist on my arrival and treatment by me. If no accessibility is available, look for the nearest hospital or select Tel. 144!

Patient Information

Here you will find all information about our services, after-treatment, consulting hours and much more.

Hernia Center Switzerland

More information about Hernia and its optimal treatment can be found on the website of Hernia Center Switzerland.


Contact us - our medical practice assistants, Mrs. Camenisch and Mrs. Zanettin, will be glad to make an appointment for you.

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